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Notarization Service

There can be times in which an individual will get confuse because certain documents needs to be notarized before these will have legal bearing in the country but at the same time, there are no notaries public in Thailand.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney from the person who gives authority is needed for the appointed person to possess a legal representation.

Last Will and Testament

For many, preparing your estates in case you meet your untimely death is an equally eerie and unsettling kind of recourse. They may find it absurd and unimportant but these reactions should not derail you from preparing your possessions just in case.

Mergers and Acquisitions

To give each with a concise definition, an Acquisition happens when a company “buys” another company and a Merger occurs when a company “combines” with another to form one company. Combination of companies also happens during an acquisition but what differentiates a merger from the former is that the latter combines with another company without the need for that company to “purchase” the other.

Thai Uncontested Divorce

Compared with contested divorce, the uncontested divorce is more preferred in Thailand as it offers a straightforward process with minimal expenses and less animosity between the divorcing couple. Yet, it is not available to anyone as only couples whose marriage are registered in Thailand can choose to severe their marriage through this avenue.



US-Thai Treaty of Amity

The US-Thai Treaty of Amity is an important trade and economic relationship between the United States and Thailand. Its aim is to promote trade, commerce

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Doing business in Pattaya

The number of registrations of new businesses has risen significantly over recent years as an increasing number of overseas investors have been exploring and exploiting business

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Business registration in Pattaya

Business Registration in Pattaya

New business registrations in Pattaya have significantly increased over  recent years ; a fact which is reflected in the country’s unprecedented economic growth. Thailand’s growing

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