• Thai Law Firm in Pattaya

    Not just any Thai law firm

    Siam Legal's Pattaya Law Firm has devoted Lawyers who will relentlessly fight for your rights in and out of the court.

What we do?

Family Law

We provide legal assistance and representation in Thai family law matters (e.g. dissolution of marriage, drafting prenuptial agreement, and marriage registration).

Business Registration

Our lawyers and foreign attorneys can take care of the legal points of registering your company in Thailand making sure that all necessary requirement are met.

Property Legal Services

Before purchasing or signing any contract, make sure that your investment is safe by seeking help from a Thai property lawyer or attorney to represent your interest.

Immigration Services

We provide legal assistance on U.S. Visa, U.K. Visa, Canada Visa, Australian Visa, Schengen Visa, and Thailand Visa.

Litigation Service

We deliver litigation service in the following fields of practice: labor disputes, civil law, criminal law, family law, personal injury, and intellectual property disputes.

Other Legal Services

We also do legal services such as drafting will and testament, power of attorney, notarization, and translation of documents.

Why choose us?

Our Lawyers and Attorneys are able to communicate both in English and in Thai.