Doing business in Pattaya

The number of registrations of new businesses has risen significantly over recent years as an increasing number of overseas investors have been exploring and exploiting business opportunities in Thailand. The country’s economy enjoyed healthy growth until the recent global...

Business Registration in Pattaya

Business registration in Pattaya
New business registrations in Pattaya have significantly increased over  recent years ; a fact which is reflected in the country’s unprecedented economic growth. Thailand’s growing economy and consequential increase in market demand has attracted many overseas...

Buying Off-Plan Properties in Thailand

Off-plan Thai Property
When venturing into any form of investment, risks are always involved. These pitfalls may exist like booby traps, just lying and waiting for an unsuspecting individual to fall or they simply reveal themselves as the project progresses. Off-plan properties are not exempted from...

Starting a business in Pattaya

For some people, establishing his own business is much better and more satisfying than working for somebody else. After all, personally owning a business is having the chance to do things his way and his own time by using his personal methods. And for starters and veterans alike,...

3 Steps to Starting a Business

Thailand Company Formation
Business registration in Thailand is a complex procedure thus the promoters of the company do need a sound and expert advice on the matter. This will help minimize expenses as well as reduce the likelihood of problems in the registration process. When problems in the...

Lawyers in Pattaya

Thailand Law Firm Office
Some people think that having good lawyers in a law firm is enough. In fact, in our entire experience, some think having good lawyers should be enough to build confidence to the clients. Unfortunately in reality, that isn’t enough and it should not be. It simply isn’t enough...