One Year Multiple Entry Thai Visa

One Year Multiple Entry Thai Visa

The One year Multiple Entry Visa is available to foreigners who wants to have a long term stay in Thailand. Its validity is one year starting on the date it has been issued and the bearer can even opt to extend it for three (3) months on or before the expiration date of the said visa.

In reality, this visa really allows the bearer to stay in Thailand for long periods but he has to exit Thailand every 90 days and return thereafter.

Who Are Eligible for One Year Multiple Entry Thai Visa?

Citizens or permanent residents of the following countries can apply for this visa:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. EU Countries
  4. Schengen Countries
  5. United States

Applicants from countries not listed above can still apply and obtain the said visa depending on the purpose of their trip to Thailand.

Requirements for One Year Multiple Entry Visa

The generic set of requirements in applying for the non-immigrant B visa are listed below. It may be that the Thai Immigration will still require additional documents aside from the following:

  1. Passport – should be at least a year left on its validity basing on the date of arrival in Thailand.
  2. Invitation or Confirmation Letter – if an organization has invited the applicant, the applicant should submit such certification to help prove his purpose to travel in Thailand.
  3. Pay the Embassy Fees
  4. Proof of Finances
  5. Travel Itinerary

As stated earlier, the applicant may be asked to submit additional documents such as a police certificate to ascertain that the individual pose no security or public threat.

Additionally, the applicant must submit his application with the Thai Embassy located in the country where he is currently physically present.

How Should Things Go?

It is the primary responsibility of the applicant to prepare the needed documents including the invitation letter if ever he is invited by an institution in Thailand.

Once these are all at hand, the applicant can choose either to submit his application by mail or in person. He should then pay the related fees in cash, cashier’s cheque or by credit card after which he will have to wait for the outcome of the application.

The processing period varies accordingly per branch of the Embassy and or Consulate.