90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa

90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa

The 90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa allows the holder to stay in Thailand for 90 days starting on the date of issue and the purpose of travel to the Kingdom is either for studies, business, retirement and other purposes. The stay of the holder of this visa can extend or seven (7) days.

Aside from the extension, the grantee may also opt to have the said visa converted to a retirement visa, marriage visa or work visa (1-year Non-Immigrant Visa) and when he applies for the conversion, he does not need to exit Thailand as he is allowed to apply for it within Thailand.


Citizens or permanent residents of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, United States and other European countries are eligible for this visa type although citizens or permanent residents of countries not on the list can still apply and be granted with such visa.

Thai 90-day Visa Requirements

A foreigners who is looking forward to apply for Thailand’s 90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa must be able to demonstrate that his is has a good background and that he does not a threat to the Thai government or to the public.

He also needs to be present at the state (his home country) where he will submit his application for the said visa but he can also choose between filing the application personally or by mail.

Aside from the general set off requirements listed below, the Thai immigration may ask the applicant to submit additional documents:

  • Passport which is valid for 6 months starting on the date of entry in Thailand.
  • Invitation letter or confirmation letter to ascertain the purpose of traveling to Thailand.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • Embassy fee
90-day Visa Application Process
  1. The applicant will be responsible in preparing the required documents and in filling-up the application form.
  2. The applicant will then submit these at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in his home country either by mail or personally.
  3. He will then pay the required fees using cash, credit card or check.
  4. He will then have to wait for the outcome of his application for several days usually for 5-10 days depending on which embassy or consulate he submitted those documents.